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The Birth of Jesus Christ, Matthew 1 & 2, Luke 1 & 2

Matthew 1 & 2, Luke 1 & 2

These chapters entail the various accounts and testimonies of individuals who had direct interactions with the Savior during the season of his birth. I think what I find almost surprising about these accounts is the sheer number of witnesses: angels from heaven, Mary and Joseph themselves, Elizabeth and Zacharias, shepherds and wise men, and at the temple, Simeon and Anna. Each (except for Joseph) has a testimony recorded of the significance of the Savior's birth.

Joseph's testimony is in his actions: he takes Mary (pregnant out of wedlock) to wife, he brings Mary with him to Bethlehem, he flees with Mary and the young child into Egypt, he returns to Nazareth with Mary and the child Jesus. Notably, all these actions came as direct result of angelic message. A seldom considered fact would have been Joseph's own personal integrity and worthiness to qualify for such communication. Clearly, the significance of the communication was primarily t…