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"So Is the Kingdom of God," Mark 4:26-34

Mark 4:26-34

Following the Savior's instructions on how to receive the words of God, our Lord offers just a couple of short parables describing how the kingdom of God will appear seemingly out of nowhere or suddenly.

I need to move on for the morning, but there is such a sweet spirit around my review of the scriptures this morning, and the service that we can render to others. (Next day) I've now resumed this study trying to connect the pieces of the impression that I have felt and made record of yesterday with the original parable.

It seems to me that what the Savior may be trying to say in these verses is that there is much work that happens in the kingdom of God which goes unnoticed, so much so that it seems like the fruit appears suddenly. With a sudden harvest as what happens in the first parable, there is not even much time to enjoy the fruit of our labors, for it passes quickly.

The second parable points out though how the kingdom of God will become a great place of re…