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"...As This Little Child," Matthew 18:1-11, Mark 9:33-50

Matthew 18:1-11, Mark 9:33-50 I don't know where to begin, but because the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, I feel I should make record of it. So strong is the witness of what the Savior spoke in regards to our becoming like little children, that I need not to deny it. I've always found it interesting the pattern in which life is set out before us, that we are to end where we begin, and that the love, purity, innocence, hope, faith, friendship, happiness, and every other child-like quality are to be in our possession for us to find entrance into the Christ's kingdom. This is no easy task for an adult to accomplish. And there is great genius (divine inspiration) involved in the programs of the Church that afford us opportunities to work with the children and the youth. I also am brought to realize that I cannot force anyone to accept this way of life, and I can only teach it, point to it by example, and leave it in the hands of the individual to choose for one's self…