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"By What Authority Doest Thou These Things?" Matthew 21:23-32

Matthew 21:23-32

In other studies, I found myself studying this passage of scripture yesterday. Then this video, depicting the same verses, was released later in the afternoon. I now go back and revisit the same passage to add some personal insights.

There is a tendency to discount and condemn the actions of the chief priests and elders as did the Lord, yet when I do it, it is without understanding or even consideration of why they were really being condemned. What is also interesting here, is that these chief priests and elders were probably those whose responsibility it was to oversee in the affairs of the temple. The father of John the Baptist was also a priest in the same temple, the only temple in all of Israel. Christ was brought and presented in this same temple as an infant of only 8 days old. So for the cheif priests and the elders of the people to come to Christ in the temple and to question his authority, perhaps was a justifiable action in their minds.

The parable of …